Friday, June 29, 2007

The 8 Things Not Known About Me Meme

Well, thanks to that Eileen at EpiscopaliFem, I have to think of 8 more things about myself that I didn't disclose in the 6 Things About Me meme not to long ago....well, here goes...AGAIN!

1. I love listening to Hawai'ian music via iTunes radio, especially in the summer.

2. I love making and eating stuffed grape leaves with lemon juice, cold or hot.

3. I talk to the neighborhood pets and know them all by name.

4. I love wearing a well-made tailored linen suit, pants or skirt, either way...

5. I'm a fair shot with a rifle in target practice.

6. I also love archery, but no compound bows for me!

7. I think I was a diplomat in another life because I seem to be able to diffuse anger in others, strangers or people I know; maybe that's why I'm chaplain! Ya think?

8. I would walk a hundred miles for a double iced mocha with whipped, keep your sweet little minds out of the gutter, now.

Now I am supposed to tag 8 others hapless, I tag Cecilia, Quixotic Pastor, Dennis, EpiscoSours, Magdalene, Brash, Dramatic and Outspoken, Offcenter, and Grandmere' Mimi.

Are ya happy now, Eileen? :-D


mompriest said...

Finaly found time to wander over. Glad to know you in our cyber-space bloggy way! Posted a poem by Mary Oliver over at my blog. There is a poetry discussion group going on between me and a few others. Stop by when you have a chance.

eileen said...

i'm well satisfied now.

I speak to my neighors pets as well, just like I speak to my own.

My next door neighbor's doggie loves me for that. I always talk to her, give her belly rubs, and treats, and let her sit in my lap and lick my face (she's a mini-pin). I luf her. And then there's birdie bird, and Sami, the cat, and Spaz the cat, and kitty koots, various rabits and such..

Oh, my, I guess I really am a crazy lady! lol

Cecilia said...

A rifle, eh? Intriguing! I have already done this meme, back on June 12... I felt compelled to do an all-music one, for some reason! Here's the url:

Pax, C.

Dennis said...

another one of these things!

alright, let's see:

1. hmmm..

no, nevermind, everything about me seems so boring right now. Maybe I'll think of eight interesting things and let you know!