Friday, October 27, 2006

Shifting Columns: More than a Technicality

This is a purely technical post. I get a bit baffled when the columns of my blog go beserk and shift all over the place. So I will type to the end of my editing choices--in this case the eraser--in the composition window of the Dashboard so that my side column will not be pushed to the bottom of the main column.

I don't know why I need to write about it but there is an urgency to tell someone, somewhere of my continued but mild frustration with this aspect of blogging.

Not only do the blog columns shift but I sense a shift in the columns of all those polls happening nowadays with the interim elections drawing near. Red is shifting to Blue, Democratic realizations and leanings are increasing and the we are beginning to see the light of hope once again.

Not only is the current President pushing the envelope of political and semi-tyrannical power but even local Republicans think they own the freaking Valley. The children of Democrats are targets of harassment and bullying regardless of grade-level [probably with the exception of kindergarten but one never knows for sure]; lawn signs supporting Democratic or even Independent candidates or measures are vandalized regularly; and drivers honk, tailgate and wave the finger at Democrat drivers sharing the roadway if they have a bumpersticker or static cling decal in their window. It's like we are not allowed free speech or the expression of it in this current administration and the President's minions are everywhere, doing his bidding. It won't be before long that neighbors will be accusing Democrats everywhere of being potential terrorists and tipping the FBI falsely just to show their alleged superiority.

If that happens then America is no better than North Korea or Iran in controlling the people and their thoughts. I will be thankful for our deliverance in 2008 when a Democrat is in the White House, and when Democrats control the and Senate, and repeals the oppression we are currently under now and for the next two years. This in no way means we will be soft on international terrorism or that we as a country and people will lose our moral compass but it will be different and it will be more equitable and the rule of law will not be abused; that everyone, every American will have the equals rights granted them in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It will bring relief to those who are currently oppressed by this government's tyrannical and oppressive fundamentalist Christian control.

I am in no way anti-American because I am expressing my right to freedom of speech, guaranteed to me by the founding parents of this country who fled Europe for the very reason we are wishing to flee the oppression of the Republican administration. We are entitled to religious freedom however liberal our opinions might be and we are entitled to a government that is balanced and not run by a man who thinks he was elected King.

Now how did I get to this point? Oh yes, I was talking about shifting columns in this blog template. It simply proves that things do shift very badly but the problem can be corrected to the benefit of all. What was it FDR said, "We can not make up for lost ground but we can make up for lost time". I think we can do both.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Withholding Consent: Should we or shouldn't we?

In the recent news there is a campaign underway to withhold consent to the consecration of The Very Rev Mark Lawrence from the Diocese of San Joaquin, one of the breakaway schismatic diocese of the Episcopal Church, who was recently elected to be the new Bishop of South Carolina. The Very Rev Lawrence makes it no secret that he wants to be under the auspices of the Anglican Communion Network which is the creation of +Akinola of Africa, the one who is to be credited for creating problems in his homeland and abroad within and without the Communion.

What are the reasons for seriously considering withholding consent:

1. He advocates that the Episcopal Church surrender its governing authority to the Primates of the Anglican Communion.
2. He appears to be an advocate of schism in the Episcopal Church.
3. Rather than continue to remain in dialogue, Father Lawrence is willing to cut off those who disagree with him, and he believes that homosexuality is a valid “reason” for schism. If a split does occur, it seems likely he will leave the Episcopal Church.

Is this someone who should be a leader in that very Church?

So, what do you think, dear reader? Shall we ask if not demand that our bishops and Standing Committees withhold consent to his consecration as Bishop of South Carolina? And whichever way you vote, please share your reasoning behind your decision. This is not a scientific poll by any means. My curiosity is peaked as is that of others interested and concerned for the unity of the Communion and the strength and independence of the Episcopal Church. We are no one's colony after all.

If you think that he will do more harm than good to the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, then let your diocesan bishop know as well as your diocesan standing committee. Also let the current PB as well as +Katharine know how you feel in this matter that is so crucial to the unity of our Church in the USA.

Email addresses for the PB and PBE are as follows:


Thank you.


"I'm for the separation of Church and hate."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Marriage IS in Danger But Not from Same-Sex Couples

The statistics show, as local and national news organizations have reported, that the institution of marriage is indeed in danger...but not from same-sex couples wanting the blessing of the institution of marriage. In fact, the statistics show that heterosexual marriage is endangering itself by the heterosexual population that would rather cohabitate than deal with the apparent formality of tying the proverbial knot, regardless of the benefits to some...and I say some because for those on social security and other forms of assistance, marriage is the last thing these couples want to engage in as it would make them more impoverished than they already are. Now that is truly sad. Those who want to get married can't due to the financial losses they would incur thanks to current outdated and unrealistic laws. I know of an elderly couple that would love to get married but can't because it would impoverish them more than they already are living alone. It's too bad that the bureaucrats don't understand that there is more than one kind of hunger and poverty, and the kind of hunger and poverty I refer to is more social and human than financial or economic. It's the loneliness factor. The need for companionship factor.

The state of marriage would benefit greatly if the religious right would leave people alone and stop thinking they can run the lives of everyone around them. It's called the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You'd think they never read the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or the Emancipation Proclamation. Gee, what history class did they skip?

The institution of marriage as we know it will go the way of the dinosaurs if we don't make some adjustments. We do not live in a static world where change does NOT take place. That's for people who believe the world is flat, and that we are the center of the universe. Sorry, you do not pass GO or collect $200 dollars. Nope.

Same-sex couples want to preserve the institution of marriage by being allowed to marry and enjoy all the benefits thereof. Same-sex couples will strengthen, not weaken the institution of marriage. By allowing elderly couples to marry without the fear of losing their individual benefits, they will in turn strengthen the
institution of marriage, not detract from it. By allowing those who receive government assistance, whether it's Social Security or another form of assistance like disability, they too will strengthen the institution of marriage.

And just so you know, it's not all about money either. It's the right to be at a loved spouse's bedside in a the hospital, it's the right of that spouse to not be dictated to by the other's children or their own, it's the right to inheritance like other married people, it's the right to equal taxation under the law, it's about being able to say, "This is my lovely wife" or "This is my handsome husband" regardless of the sex or age of the person saying it. As for civil unions, they are NOT the same as actual marriage. It's about equal protection under the law, that all States in our United States must honor and obey regardless of what that particular State's bias might be, it will have to be obeyed if all are truly protected everyone in this country under the law. And that law should be to protect the right and the institution of marriage by letting ALL Americans participate in it without some religious fanatical group like Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council, try to tell the rest of us how to live.

The very reason this country was founded by renegade Christians and Jews was to escape the persecution of Europe. Heck, Jesus was the Chief Renegade of all Renegades, Christian or Jewish, and consequently the fundamentalist right or any religion does not own us or this country, nor do they have the right to dictate domestic or foreign policy. We have the opportunity to make a difference in the upcoming elections from the local level and all the way to the White House.

Let's make Oregon and the other "red with shame" states a true American "blue", so that when our time comes to tie the marriage knot, we can do away with the something old [red state America] and tie on something blue, true blue for honor in this country once again, and become a respected country again abroad. Do it for the state of marriage in America and do it for our national honor. Let the words or our forefathers and foremothers [don't think they didn't influence their husbands, sons, or fathers!] ring true for all Americans, gay, straight, old and young, abled or disabled. We all deserve equality when it comes to marriage as well as other rights guaranteed to us by the documents that made this country great.


Friday, October 20, 2006

+Gene's in the audience!

One of the camera operators on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show was definitely on the ball and knows his or her bishops! Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire was in the audience of Ellen's show today, in his bishop's magenta shirt and white collar, having a hysterically good moment with the rest of the audience. Good thing my Episcopal mind is programmed to notice clergy when we see them, in or out of the collar--and in a Los Angeles flashbulb moment! Good thing too that I didn't blink or I would have missed him altogether. I think it would be a hoot if more clergy showed up at Ellen's show, maybe to plug the MDG's or ONE Episcopalian Campaign. I know in my heart that Ellen
would go for it since she has the true heart of a humanitarian given all her fund-raising for various but worthwhile causes. I think that is why people, gay or otherwise, appreciate Ellen so much: she simply loves everyone and accepts them as they are.

And she puts her wallet where the needs are in this country or around the world. Thank you Ellen for showing us how we should be in our giving and our compassion. And thank you +Gene for showing
up on a great talk show.

To you both, hat tip.

Pictures of the little rabbits as promised...

Well, here they are. My 4 week old charges that God has seen fit to give me for the time being. They are lovely furry wonders, so full of themselves and their individual personalities as to make the softest of hearts weep motherhood! Today we know the gender of each and it was sort of what I had guessed. Chappy [white with various spots and brown mustache] is a boy, as
is Whitey, the albino. Shamus [the brindle] will need a name alteration as the previous "he" is really a "she", so I think I shall amend her name to Chamois [pronounced "shammy"] for the sake of propriety. And why they are both hiding in the bathroom is beyond me. They are very gentle and healthy, which is all a mom could ask for, right? Right.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Return of the Native and then some...

Writing droughts are a bit inconvenient don't you think? But then it doesn't help at all when you cannot think of blessed thing to put to paper either. It is definitely fall as the Japanese maples are already shedding leaves and the birds are hanging about waiting for the free handout, after all the sign does say "National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat" and we all know that the fauna can read as well as SEE the statue of St Francis of Assisi and all he means to creatures, great and small. They can read the "Beware of Dog" sign too but know that a Shih Tzu can truly constitute no real threat to anyone either.

Despite the cooler weather the flora continues to flourish...

Apparently some of the more domestically feral wildlife is also flourishing as can be proven by three new infant bunny charges now in my care. Rescued from my neighbor's huge orange feline [known to me as the Big Orange Menace to small creature everywhere...] by said neighbor, I now have the blessing of fostering Chappy [a white with charcoal markings and a brown mustache],Shamus [a brindle of black, charcoal and brown, great for camo subterfuge],both of which fit into my hand, and Whitey [a rare albino the size of a business card wallet]. Two of my dear friends in town decided that since I could not locate a rabbit rehabilitation person or group in southern Oregon, decided I needed a habitat for these wee furry feedbags and bestowed upon my domicile a lovely and large accommodation for said residents. Plenty of room for scrambling and doing binkies, stretching and sleeping as well as the consumption of various meals and the elimination thereof. A virtual spa for the result of God's sense of whimsy during creation. Pictures will be forthcoming at some point, so stay tuned.

I missed the blessing of the animals at Trinity, my parish church this last Sunday on the labyrinth but I know they are blessings anyway. It is an event in Ashland that truly draws the community together regardless of one's belief system. And the weather was reportedly perfect. Can't ask for more of a blessing than that when you have furry and feathered and scaly friends to bring for their yearly hands-on blessing by Rev Anne.

Life is looking better these days for me, and I am thankful. I am a bit
tired of same sadness and disappointment but life is beginning to look good and full of promise again. I thank God for that with all my heart.

So, until the next missive, be of good cheer and keep out of the All Hallow's Eve's not here yet.

Catherine +

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"Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one would
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