Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Return of the Native and then some...

Writing droughts are a bit inconvenient don't you think? But then it doesn't help at all when you cannot think of blessed thing to put to paper either. It is definitely fall as the Japanese maples are already shedding leaves and the birds are hanging about waiting for the free handout, after all the sign does say "National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat" and we all know that the fauna can read as well as SEE the statue of St Francis of Assisi and all he means to creatures, great and small. They can read the "Beware of Dog" sign too but know that a Shih Tzu can truly constitute no real threat to anyone either.

Despite the cooler weather the flora continues to flourish...

Apparently some of the more domestically feral wildlife is also flourishing as can be proven by three new infant bunny charges now in my care. Rescued from my neighbor's huge orange feline [known to me as the Big Orange Menace to small creature everywhere...] by said neighbor, I now have the blessing of fostering Chappy [a white with charcoal markings and a brown mustache],Shamus [a brindle of black, charcoal and brown, great for camo subterfuge],both of which fit into my hand, and Whitey [a rare albino the size of a business card wallet]. Two of my dear friends in town decided that since I could not locate a rabbit rehabilitation person or group in southern Oregon, decided I needed a habitat for these wee furry feedbags and bestowed upon my domicile a lovely and large accommodation for said residents. Plenty of room for scrambling and doing binkies, stretching and sleeping as well as the consumption of various meals and the elimination thereof. A virtual spa for the result of God's sense of whimsy during creation. Pictures will be forthcoming at some point, so stay tuned.

I missed the blessing of the animals at Trinity, my parish church this last Sunday on the labyrinth but I know they are blessings anyway. It is an event in Ashland that truly draws the community together regardless of one's belief system. And the weather was reportedly perfect. Can't ask for more of a blessing than that when you have furry and feathered and scaly friends to bring for their yearly hands-on blessing by Rev Anne.

Life is looking better these days for me, and I am thankful. I am a bit
tired of same sadness and disappointment but life is beginning to look good and full of promise again. I thank God for that with all my heart.

So, until the next missive, be of good cheer and keep out of the All Hallow's Eve's not here yet.

Catherine +


Morgan said...

So glad a sense of life's joys is again surfacing for you amidst the autumn colors. May the bunnies bless you as you bless them with a shelter and food.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are in touch with the vibrancy of autumn in the Rogue Valley. And bless you for giving the bunnies a good home!

Morgan said...

Somehow the comment I just submitted was labeled as coming from Anonymous. It's from me. Not trying to hide; probably just not being careful enough which buttons I'm clicking!