Friday, October 20, 2006

Pictures of the little rabbits as promised...

Well, here they are. My 4 week old charges that God has seen fit to give me for the time being. They are lovely furry wonders, so full of themselves and their individual personalities as to make the softest of hearts weep motherhood! Today we know the gender of each and it was sort of what I had guessed. Chappy [white with various spots and brown mustache] is a boy, as
is Whitey, the albino. Shamus [the brindle] will need a name alteration as the previous "he" is really a "she", so I think I shall amend her name to Chamois [pronounced "shammy"] for the sake of propriety. And why they are both hiding in the bathroom is beyond me. They are very gentle and healthy, which is all a mom could ask for, right? Right.


Morgan said...

The bunnies are darling! Thank you for sharing.

Catherine + said...

Thank you, Morgan. They are keeping me out of trouble!