Friday, October 20, 2006

+Gene's in the audience!

One of the camera operators on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show was definitely on the ball and knows his or her bishops! Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire was in the audience of Ellen's show today, in his bishop's magenta shirt and white collar, having a hysterically good moment with the rest of the audience. Good thing my Episcopal mind is programmed to notice clergy when we see them, in or out of the collar--and in a Los Angeles flashbulb moment! Good thing too that I didn't blink or I would have missed him altogether. I think it would be a hoot if more clergy showed up at Ellen's show, maybe to plug the MDG's or ONE Episcopalian Campaign. I know in my heart that Ellen
would go for it since she has the true heart of a humanitarian given all her fund-raising for various but worthwhile causes. I think that is why people, gay or otherwise, appreciate Ellen so much: she simply loves everyone and accepts them as they are.

And she puts her wallet where the needs are in this country or around the world. Thank you Ellen for showing us how we should be in our giving and our compassion. And thank you +Gene for showing
up on a great talk show.

To you both, hat tip.


Dan Morehead said...

Now if only Gene had showed up in a bunny costume, you could have combined the two posts into one. Thanks for the update!

Catherine + said...

Hey you are welcome Dan! Thanks for the comment! Blessings, Catherine+