Friday, October 27, 2006

Shifting Columns: More than a Technicality

This is a purely technical post. I get a bit baffled when the columns of my blog go beserk and shift all over the place. So I will type to the end of my editing choices--in this case the eraser--in the composition window of the Dashboard so that my side column will not be pushed to the bottom of the main column.

I don't know why I need to write about it but there is an urgency to tell someone, somewhere of my continued but mild frustration with this aspect of blogging.

Not only do the blog columns shift but I sense a shift in the columns of all those polls happening nowadays with the interim elections drawing near. Red is shifting to Blue, Democratic realizations and leanings are increasing and the we are beginning to see the light of hope once again.

Not only is the current President pushing the envelope of political and semi-tyrannical power but even local Republicans think they own the freaking Valley. The children of Democrats are targets of harassment and bullying regardless of grade-level [probably with the exception of kindergarten but one never knows for sure]; lawn signs supporting Democratic or even Independent candidates or measures are vandalized regularly; and drivers honk, tailgate and wave the finger at Democrat drivers sharing the roadway if they have a bumpersticker or static cling decal in their window. It's like we are not allowed free speech or the expression of it in this current administration and the President's minions are everywhere, doing his bidding. It won't be before long that neighbors will be accusing Democrats everywhere of being potential terrorists and tipping the FBI falsely just to show their alleged superiority.

If that happens then America is no better than North Korea or Iran in controlling the people and their thoughts. I will be thankful for our deliverance in 2008 when a Democrat is in the White House, and when Democrats control the and Senate, and repeals the oppression we are currently under now and for the next two years. This in no way means we will be soft on international terrorism or that we as a country and people will lose our moral compass but it will be different and it will be more equitable and the rule of law will not be abused; that everyone, every American will have the equals rights granted them in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It will bring relief to those who are currently oppressed by this government's tyrannical and oppressive fundamentalist Christian control.

I am in no way anti-American because I am expressing my right to freedom of speech, guaranteed to me by the founding parents of this country who fled Europe for the very reason we are wishing to flee the oppression of the Republican administration. We are entitled to religious freedom however liberal our opinions might be and we are entitled to a government that is balanced and not run by a man who thinks he was elected King.

Now how did I get to this point? Oh yes, I was talking about shifting columns in this blog template. It simply proves that things do shift very badly but the problem can be corrected to the benefit of all. What was it FDR said, "We can not make up for lost ground but we can make up for lost time". I think we can do both.


Brent said...

Hi Catherine,
I read your blog concerning the political situation in Oregon. Are you talking about Ashland? I lived in Ashland in the late 90's and found it to be liberal and gay friendly...... Such a beautiful and wonderful place to live. I attended Trinity Episcopal while living there and found it to be a wonderful church. The rector was Fr. Cliff, I believe! If you were talking about the politics in Ashland I am very sorry to hear about the change in mood...... Take care..... Brent

Catherine + said...

Hi Brent: Ashland is still liberal and very gay friendly. I knew Fr. Cliff too. Since 2000 we have had The Rev. Anne K. Bartlett who has grown the church even more. She is a remarkable woman and priest; you would like here as her policy is complete inclusiveness. I was actually referring to the fact that Oregon ended up a red state with a smattering of blue. Medford is far more conservative but had its first Gay Pride rally in Alba Park this summer. Drop by Trinity if you are ever in the area; you will be very welcome as all are there.


Psalmist said...

Hi, Catherine. Just stopping by to say hello. You're in my prayers.

And my cats dropped by "Wigwag's Pad" a while back and offered their two cents' worth there. They enjoyed meeting Dragon.

You're loved, dear sister.