Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks

I give thanks to God for my best friend, an agnostic who has made time in her life to encourage and support me, spiritually, steadfastly and sincerely, who helped me build a rabbit run for my little orphans.

I am thankful for a wonderful friend in Tacoma, Washington who prays for me and encourages me, who loves wildlife [not "wild life!"], the outdoors and nature as much as I do, who understand how important our furry domesticated friends mean to us who live alone and endure loneliness but would prefer not to.

I give thanks for a womanly couple who have been strong allies in the fight for right in the workplace and who have had faith in me since our first introduction [and who appreciate animals, especially my rabbits] who also long for a spiritual home.

I give thanks for a licensed clinical social worker who I got to know from my church when I agreed to read to one of her hospice patients [and that in turn began a new friendship between she and I], and for her outrage at the lack of concern from our own parish members for my situation.

I give thanks for the Domestic Violence Coordinator at Rogue Valley Medical Center who has been a friend and support in trying to help me find work so I can support myself [and no, I did not require her professional services as a DVC; my Shih Tzu and rabbits are not abusive!], and who has made time to listen to my cares and concerns, who has made phone calls on my behalf to other clinics to try to find me a job.

I am thankful for my second oldest brother who works for Homeland Security at PDX who tries his best to help me from afar. It's more than my other two older siblings have ever done for me.

I am thankful for my dog and teenage rabbits, who love me without guile or conditions for their affection; they give my love and compassion a place to go...

Mostly I am thankful to God who gives me the roof over my head, the clothes that protect me, the food which feeds me, and books to nourish my mind. I am thankful for 8 year old moosehide slippers that are all worn out inside but enable me to pad around my home in warmth.

I am most grateful for the Son of God who died for me that I might live with the Holy Family in heaven, Father, Son and Holy Spirit--in all of Her motherly glory and wisdom.

I am thankful that I live in the freest nation on the planet, so I can live and worship in my own way, speak my mind and not walk my street in fear.



Psalmist said...

And I give thanks for you, Catherine. You've been in my prayers often lately. It's good to see you posting.

Please know that you're loved and that you're a blessing in my life.

I pray that you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Catherine + said...

My dear Psalmist, I give thanks to God for you and your gifts of music and writing. Thank you for your blessing of care and love, my fellow writer. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving too.

In Him Who first loved us, all of us...


Songbird said...

What a beautiful list of Thanksgivings! May you be blessed this day, Catherine.

LutheranChik said...

Wonderful list...belated happy Thanksgiving from a RevGals delurker!