Monday, December 24, 2007

Leaves Still Green

Little red rose

You struggle so

Up through the flakes

Of white, bright snow,

Crystal weeping of

Clouds fighting over mountains high,

The resting place

Of Holy feet.

And down comes He

Who plucks away the

Laden snow, brushing

Ever so with Life's breath the

Burden of your leaves

Still green

From a summer long ago.

And away the burden of

Sorrow and dimness,

Light is coming to shine

Upon delicate petals,

Trembling cold stem,

And yet your leaves remain green,

From a summer long ago.

Star life moves over

The midnight, casting hope

Upon snow-covered earth

And in the frozen, forgotten

Places where life is abandoned,

A fire whose embers

Once blazed,

Glow once more

To bring life once shut

Closed to only become

Open again.

He will come ‘round to

Lifeless, cold places

And bring the heartbeat

Of life to His creation.

He will feed the fire,

Pour the water,

Shape the land,

Feed the flock.

The wind moves heavy

A resigned sigh...

He renews with breath of life

remaking in our seeing.

And the little rose

Shall bloom again, blood red,

To recall the Love

That has come to love us,

The Love that with holy exhalation

Puffs away snow from leaves

Still green, as in the Beginning,

From a summer long ago.




Dennis said...

Merry Christmas Catherine! It is a wet and windy Christmas in the pacific northwest but leaves are still green and the season of joy is here. Have a blessed Christmas.

Diane said...


Diane said...

oh, by the way: Merry Christmas!

Magdalene6127 said...

Beautiful Catherine. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Christmastide!