Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who has read Eckhart Tolle?

I was recently gifted with Eckhart Tolle's two books, "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" and "The Power of Now". I haven't really gotten into them, reading-wise, not because they are not interesting but because I have to find time to concentrate on what he is putting forth in them.

The gifter of these books highly recommended that I watch the podcasts or video presentations of the Oprah Winfrey specials where she interviews the author and hears from participants around the world who did a global read of "A New Earth". You can find a link to these here.

Just to be clear I am not promoting the reading of Mr Tolle's books or endorsing what he purports to teach. He has stated that he is not some new guru and does not want to be thought of or considered as such. He seems to be a very humble man simply wishing to share his truth of life and how he approaches it.

Has anyone read either or both books? What do you think of the subject matter and perspective? This inquiring mind would like to know what you sense and think.



Anonymous said...

I have recently read both of these books and found them to be well worth the time and energy. I agree that Mr. Tolle comes across as a humble man, relatively free of hubris and ego. I regret that Oprah Winfrey also promoted "The Secret" and that, in my opinion, highly flawed teaching is being equated with Eckhart Tolle's for that reason. I am not much of a fan of most "New Age" books which is why I pretty much ignored Tolle for a very long time. The writing is simple and clear. I don't think he is saying anything that hasn't already been said before, but he is an intelligent and agile prose stylist with a unique voice.


Anonymous said...

Hi – I read the Power of Now, and attended a study group on it for a while. He has some deep and fairly profound thoughts. However, my own thinking is that God is my “main man” in terms of directing my life. So while I enjoyed his writing, he is not a ‘guru’ for me. I get the most insights of any depth from my meditation practice, where I make room for Spirit to speak.


gartenfische said...

Hi Catherine!

Though I'm not blogging any more (for the time being anyway), you drew me in with this one). I know a lot of people have gotten much from Tolle's teachings. Personally, I find him annoying. I feel he talks down to people. I much prefer Pema Chodron or one of the other Buddhist masters for this kind of learning. I tried to read A New Earth, but it's too New Agey for me. Also, I do not agree with his opinions on the older religions, especially Christianity. He seems to throw all Christians into one pot and call it black (though I admit he seems to try to do this with care, he still does it from atop a pedestal).

I totally agree with CR. For me, it's all about God. God does the healing, I need God's grace and I can rely on God to get me where I need to go.

Meditation is the mainstay of my "practice," helps me to open up to God.

Anyway. . . my opinion, for what it's worth. :)

Love to you dear sister!