Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two things I ask...

There are two very ill people who I know of-- but do not know personally --that I request prayer from all of you. I know them through their family and friend, and because I care for each respectively, I entreat your supplications.

One is a little three year old boy, my company's Area Manager's son, who was stricken a few months ago with an extremely rare secondary illness following a bout with pneumonia. His is only the fourth case ever documented in the United States. His name is Tanner and he is a very sick little boy. His father and mother, as well as siblings, are stressed to the max at the possibility of him becoming even worse in his condition than he already is. If you go to his CaringBridge website, you can read about him and his family there and their day to day struggle to keep faith and trust in the healing power of prayer and the latest treatments for his horrible infection.

The other person is a young woman named Julie or Juls to her closer friends near Minneapolis. She is stricken with a difficult form of Multiple Sclerosis, which most recently has attacked her brain stem and spinal cord. She cannot sleep because every two minutes, unspeakable pain runs through her nervous system, preventing her from sleeping. She is numb from the shoulders down and her legs are paralyzed at this time by the tightening of her muscles and connective tissues to the extent that she has bruises all over her legs. She is losing control of bodily functions as well. Her mind is alert and active, and she managed to type a letter to her former partner which has been forwarded to those who care about her so we can know how to pray for Julie.

Julie doesn't have a CaringBridge site but stills needs to be held in deep prayer and love.

Thank you for what you can pray and offer up on the behalf of both of these suffering individuals and their families and friends...

For Tanner and Julie:

Heavenly Father, watch with us over your children Tanner and Julie, and grant that they may be restored to that perfect health which it is yours alone to give; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



gartenfische said...

Thank you for sharing these stories, Catherine. Tanner and Julie are in my prayers.

aka The Swandive said...

Added to my prayers too. God of mercy, hope and peace, hear our prayer.