Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stay Tuned for a posting to a blog near you...

I will think of something to click away's not like I haven't had some choices, i.e., the Bishops' Ho-down in Alexandria, the groaning wheel of progress in the Church of England toward the birthing of women bishops there, the economy [what hasn't been said?], and so on. The fact that tulips and daffys are sprouting out of the cold, hard earth is definitely newsworthy so that may be a topic for consideration.

Be assured, dear reader, that something is afoot [a word influenced by a recent recreational read].

I encourage you all to "hang in there" and try to spend a little money now and then to keep the economy from coming to a complete standstill. Getting through this desert is a group effort of individuals, that means us.

Sooner rather than later,



FranIAm said...

Peace to you dear Catherine!

Jan said...

Catherine, I love it when you post. I also like to imagine daffodils coming up. I miss them.

Crimson Rambler said...

well...I know my tulips are "under there somewhere" neighbour makes a wonderful snow bunker up and over the tulip bed with the snow from his driveway. And eventually, please God, it will melt away from underneath, and they will all come up in a fine shelter, and be ready to bloom when the snow finally leaves!