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Bishop of Oregon: Search Update

This is an email sent to and received by members of the Diocese of Oregon as an attempt--and a great one at that--to provide all of us in the diocese with a kind of progress report on the search for a duly elected Bishop of Oregon to take office in 2010. I share with you now that update email below...

Bishop Search Update

The Rev. Sara Fischer and the Rev. David Sweeney, Bishop Search Communications Sub-Committee

The February 27 meeting of the Bishop Search Committee began as many good gatherings begin: we shared stories with one another. Our task was to tell the group something about ourselves that group members might find surprising, and to talk about how that something informed our understanding of ministry. One person told of having been a drummer in a rock band. Another shared her experience growing up on a farm. Someone else had summered as a deck hand on a fishing trawler. Another talked about her pet snake. This sharing experience affirmed for each of us that the Bishop Search Committee is indeed representative of our diocese as a whole—a group of committed people with abundant talent, good humor, and love of our Church.

We met to review and approve each aspect of the search process: brochure, timeline (see below), application process, interview format, screening, communication, and education. We are excited about each stage of the process.

A tangible sign that the search process is truly under way will be the publication, later this month, of a brochure which is a succinct version of our diocesan profile. This brochure, detailing who we are, what we strive to do, and what kind of bishop we seek to lead us, will be mailed to every parish in the diocese, every bishop and diocesan deployment officer in the Episcopal Church, and anyone else who might come in contact with those who might be called as Bishop of Oregon. Everyone is encouraged to share this information with their neighbors and friends, and an electronic version of the brochure will be placed on our diocesan web site.

Shortly after the publication and dissemination of this brochure, a longer version of a diocesan profile will be available on a web page devoted to our search process. This longer profile will be directed toward those with an interest in detailed information about our diocese and about Oregon.

So what will happen to all those who read the brochure, the website, and express interest in being part of our journey? The screening sub-committee is still at work polishing the details of the screening process itself, to reflect the concerns and criteria offered in our Appreciative Inquiry sessions during the 2008 diocesan convention, the fall clergy conference, and the January retreat with the Transition and Standing Committees.

Once the initial screening process has been completed, the Search Committee will institute a background check for those still under consideration, and, if necessary, some may be interviewed by phone. By June, the Search Committee will identify eight semi-finalists for face-to-face visits.

An exciting by-product of the search process is the development of educational materials to be available for all parishes. Planning your fall education program? Seeking a new bishop is a great time to teach Episcopalians of all ages about how our church is organized and led. If you are interested in educational materials, contact The Rev. Deacon Nancy Crawford at or 541-343-9253. For the latest news about the search process, see

The Search Process at a Glance

March 25 Brochure distributed and placed on the web site, along with a in-depth profile of our diocese.

April 1-May 15 Application Period Open

June Visits with semi-finalists

July 24 Visits completed to semi-finalists

July 31 Final slate of four finalists forwarded to Standing Committee

August 31 Standing Committee announces final slate of four nominees

September Detailed biographical and other information available in diocesan newspaper and on web site.

October Walkabouts

November 19-21 Diocesan Convention and Election of the 10th Bishop of Oregon

February–March Transition

April 10, 2010 Consecration and Installation of the 10th Bishop of Oregon

Janice Lusk

Receptionist, Administrative Assistant & Events Registrar

Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

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