Thursday, April 23, 2009

Katie Sherrod: The Undermining of the Episcopal Church continues...

Katie Sherrod is an independent writer and journalist in Fort Worth, Texas. Her blog "Desert's Child" chronicles in part if not whole, the developments in the Episcopal Church USA, its ups and downs and the controversies that assail it. Here is the latest development that many of us are completely unaware of and if you read this and think your friends, or priest, or fellow parishioners need to know how the undermining of our Church continues, then guide them here or to Katie's blog. The truth will on one level, set you free, and on another, turn your stomach.

Here is part of Katie's article revealing the latest conspiracy to weaken and break The Episcopal Church USA:

There is news busting out all over cyberspace about a group of Episcopal Church bishops and rectors calling themselves Communion Partners and a group grandly named the Anglican Communion Institute Inc. who are working to establish as fact their "belief that Episcopal Church polity legitimately arises out of the autonomy of dioceses who gather in voluntary association at The Episcopal Church in General Convention. In this view it is the diocese and not The Episcopal Church that is the "basic unit" of The Episcopal Church. In this argument TEC is not a metropolitical entity, but rather a free association of dioceses."

In this world view, a diocese would have full right to sign on to an Anglican Covenant, thus maintaining its purity without having to leave the Episcopal Church for an entity such as ACNA -- the Anglican Communion in North America, the "province' Duncan and Iker et. al. are trying to set up to replace The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada in North America.

But while these Communion Partner bishops and rectors say that this is a way to keep dioceses and parishes from leaving the Episcopal Church, they also have to know that this argument will be used against the Episcopal Church in the litigation now going on in the dioceses of San Joaquin, Fort Worth and Pittsburgh.

Read the rest of her informative and revealing article at Desert's Child.

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