Friday, August 07, 2009

Nominees Announced for 10th Bishop of Oregon

OREGON: Diocese announces three candidates for bishop

By Mary Frances Schjonberg

[Episcopal New Service] Three priests have been nominated to stand for election as the tenth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon.

They are

* the Rev. Canon Britt Elaine Olson, 49, canon to the ordinary, Diocese of Northern California;

* the Rev. Michael Joseph Hanley, 54, rector, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, Roseville, Minnesota (Diocese of Minnesota);

* the Rev. Andrew Jeffrey MacBeth, 60, rector, Calvary Church, Memphis, Tennessee (Diocese of West Tennessee).

Full story:

Announcement from the Standing Committee

The members of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Oregon, meeting at St. Pauls Church, Salem, Oregon, on August 6, 2009 received the list of nominees from the diocesan Search Commitee. These individuals will stand for election as the tenth Bishop of Oregon at the Electing Convention to be held on November 20, 2009, in Eugene, Oregon.

In addition to the nominees selected by the Search Committee who are introduced in the attached document, further nominees may be added by petition. Because background checks are required of all nominees before the election, nominations from the floor may not be made. Furthermore, to allow sufficient time for background checks to be carried out, petitions must be submitted within twenty-one days from the date of this announcement. Anyone wishing to make a petition nomination should download the necessary forms and rules from the Bishop Search
web site. Petitions should be addressed to The President of the Standing Committee and must be delivered in hard copy to the Diocesan Office at 11800 SW Military Lane, Portland, OR 97219-8436 no later than Friday, August 28, 2009.

The Standing Committee wishes to thank the members of the Search Committee for their dedicated service to the diocese during the past eight months. They have engaged in a process of spiritual discernment that has led them to believe that the individuals introduced in this announcement are the best possible nominees for the diocese at large to consider as our next diocesan bishop. We are profoundly grateful for their efforts.

Sharon L. Rodgers, President
for the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Oregon


Catherine said...

I heard Britt Olsen preach when she was a seminarian and was visiting St Mark's in Medford. Hands down, she has my vote...that is if I had a vote, for the 10th bishop of Oregon.

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