Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diocese of Oregon prepares to elect new bishop

On Friday, November 20th at diocesan convention, Eugene OR, the Diocese of Oregon will elect a new bishop. You can follow the balloting at the diocesan website here: http://www.diocese-oregon.org/

If you want more information on how the search progressed and who the candidates are, you can visit the Search Committee website at http://www.diocese-oregon.org/bishopsearch/bishopsearch.htm

Please pray for our clergy and lay delegates that they may choose the person most suited to our diocese and its needs, that all wrangling would be laid aside. There is one woman and two men as candidates. There will be a prayer vigil held that day beginning at 8 am for the election at every parish church in the diocese. Please take a moment in your day and join us as we make this historic decision according to God's will and the good sense He/She gave us.


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