Friday, April 02, 2010

Words for Good Friday

Move me
Move me to the brink
with your resignation
and grimace as
the thorns dig a little
and the reed bites a little
and the splinters jab
like knives in your hands
from that rough hewn
cross you are made
to haul around town

There's nothing I can do
but walk along by you
and I'll walk with you
as far as I can
or have the courage to...
it's not easy, but I
should be willing to try

After all, you are the one
to die for us all

Where's the payback?
Is there any?

You slow down and
your eyes turn to mine
as you breathe as if in
labour, you utter

"Live well, love each other,
talk to my Father, He'll
somehow it will all be good."

And with that you pick up
the pace as much as you can
and I watch as you struggle
up the street, ready to do
this thing you are called to do.

And I weep at my inadequacy
to carry on, to carry you on...
I fall over the edge,
that brink that envelopes me
as the veil is rent in two...


Patricia R said...

Thank you Catherine. Beautiful

Barbi C said... are in tune. Beautiful.

Fran S said...

Heart stoppingly beautiful and moving. Thank you!

Eileen S said...

Beautiful Catherine.

Victoria W said...

Beautiful. Thank you - I posted it on FB right away...

Morgan H said...

Moving and authentic, Catherine. Wow.

Morgan H said...
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