Monday, January 16, 2012



Jesus, I call upon the power in Your name
to see the way my path must surely lead,
to heal the sick, to tend and feed your flock.
Christ, you are the Lord who calls us to make peace,
to strive for justice daily in your world,
to use your gifts of wisdom, patience, hope,
to be the servant-bearer of the Light.
Spirit, we worship you in truth and holiness.
We seek new ways to make the message clear,
to praise, confess, forgive and show your love
in breaking bread and sharing of our cup.

~~Chuck Shamel

This was written by Chuck Shamel, a member of All Saints Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi, TX.


Jan said...

Chuck Shamel and his wife Betty sit behind our pew at church (All Saints). Where did you find the poem????

Jane R said...

Beautiful. Thanks!

Jan said...

Now I've put this poem on MY blog! Thank you, Catherine.