Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lines of the Dragon

"Sitting there, in my seat,
There is a dragon at my feet;
Loud and grumbling do I hear,
I think his snout is far too near.

A glimmer of fang, tooth and drool!
No, its only cheese curd and gruel.
Great gaping maw of endless breath?
No, just a means for kibble's death.

Oh so fearsome and so strong,
He pulls with leash there along
Down this alley, up this road,
With quick short step, a furry load.

Looking down now do I see,
A dragon snoozing, quite peacefully
A face so fierce, that in the dark
The noise he makes is worse than bark."


Heather said...

Woof! Grrrrrowwwwllll, yip yip!

Anonymous said...

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