Friday, April 20, 2007

10,000 th Visitor!

I wish to congratulate the mystery visitor in Junction City, Oregon for being my 10,000th visitor since my website began on March 20th of 2006. Drop me an email and let me know how you are finding the site and how you like it. I would appreciate it very much.

They have a wonderful Daffodil Festival up there every Spring and these are pictures from their website showing last year's festivities.

The lady with the bunny is spinning the mohair from the rabbit's fur. No harm was imposed on the bunny whilst gathering and spinning.

And these lovely girls are just some of the fine residents of Junction City,
showing off some great blooms.

I also give honorable mention to Bosco Peters+, Anglican priest, in Christ Church, New Zealand for being my 9,999 th visitor! Love ya, Bosco+ ! That's a photo of a baptism from his website showing him to the left [duh, he is the only priest in the pic!].


Jane R said...

Congratulations, Catherine!

Spring blessings to you.

Bosco said...

I am delighted I was #9999 :-)
Isn't the internet amazing in the way we make connections and form a new style of community.

MadPriest said...

I'll drink to that
(mind you, I'll pretty much drink to absolutely anything)

Catherine + said...

Thanks everyone for acknowledging my milestone on this blog. Madpriest thinks we should toast the occasion. What shall we have? :-D