Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Having Faith In Women: USA Today

A journalist friend forwarded this article to me from USA Today regarding the groundbreaking changes in the Church recently and in politics that women have accomplished in the last year. I find it an interesting read and a kind of much needed revelation. Frankly, the Church as we know it today is much better off for having us in it, and it was before this time in history as well, except that we were ignored and buried in the patriarchy of that day and--what I see as--the waning of patriarchy today, in spite of Popes and ABC's.

Well, I guess I am back pretty much from my Lenten observance of no ranting or pointy opinions.

I will however continue the meditative reflections and poetical inspirations at least once a week if not more, especially if I think poetry and gentle but firm prose is more appropriate or if it expresses what I cannot.

Eastertide is upon us. Let us rejoice and celebrate our Risen Lord! Alleluia!!! I know there is a chocolate marshmallow bunny here somewhere....

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Eileen said...

Good article. Excellent points and arguments.

Thanks for pointing it out.

But then, I guess I'm the choir, no? LOL