Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Catching Up

Hi everyone, I'm back on an even keel now.

Well, things have been hopping a bit in the TEC and AC [The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion respectively] since I checked in last. It seems that Big Pete Akinola doesn't listen to ++Rowan no matter what now, nor to anyone else for that matter.

As you may already know, ++Rowan wrote +Peter to ask him to reconsider coming to America to install Martyn Minns as his Bishop of CANA in the USA. +Peter summarily ignored ++Rowan [and yes, he did get Rowan's letter before he left Nigeria] and transgressed our boundaries, both physical and ecclesiastical anyway. Of course, before ++Rowan's letter there was ++Our Kate's letter asking +Peter to reconsider as well and not create greater division withing the AC. Of course, he answered her in a condescending and patriarchal tone to the tune of no way, no how an I gonna stay out of this whole shebang, lady! Obviously he feels threatened by her calm and intelligent demeanor, as well as her wise and mature spirituality.

I think we are all getting weary of this game that the supposed orthodox are playing. And we have to remember that they are such a tiny percentage of the Episcopal/Anglican mix here in the US that they are essentially a gnat, longing for any attention they can get, regardless of how that attention is obtained or who it denigrates--Christ.

Our House of Bishops has spoken and the September 3oth "deadline" that the Tanzanian Communique imposes is dead in the proverbial water. They have put on the armor of God and nothing, not even Big Pete, can prevail against it. The AC does not own us. We choose to be a part of the AC and wish to remain within it, but I say, hey, if they are going to condemn us for loving our neighbor as ourselves, then we are leaps and bounds over +Peter's sanctimonious drivel and that of Minns, Duncan, Iker, Stanton and the rest of the boys who are fuming because they cannot get their way; that they cannot play kings and rule over us and the Church.

I have only one King and Ruler, and it is Christ. The Episcopal Church is living proof of Christ's endless and unequivocal love and grace. I have no fear of these Pharisees because they will get nowhere with their twisted fundamentalism and legalistic dogma.

There, I'm through for now.


Magdalene6127 said...

Your last paragraph goes to the heart of why I am a Presbyterian Catherine. And yes, I know we have our problems-- serious ones. But I came from the Roman Catholic church, and left it heartsick over the shenanigans of men who believed they spoke for God.

In 1997 I was working as a Director of Christian Education in a Presby Church. In January of '98 we ordained the new class of officers for the year, elders and deacons, and for the first time, I heard the first ordination vow that is taken by all PCUSA officers-- including Ministers of Word and Sacrament.

"Do you trust in Jesus Christ your Savior, acknowledge him Lord of all and Head of the Church, and through him, believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit?"

I sat in my pew, thinking "Yes! YES!" I practically pumped my arm in glee. I had found the ecclesiology I was looking for.

It is good to have you back. You were missed. I hope the time was rich with reflection and peace.


Catherine + said...

Dearest Mags, thank you for your warm welcome back. I am happy to be back too. I can appreciate your experience very much and thank you for sharing it.

Yes it is a dark mark on the faith when there are those who care not for the honor due Christ but seek vainglory for themselves. And to think it will not be over until He comes again. At least we can try our hardest in the meantime to fulfull His mission and spread the love and grace He died to bring to us.

MikeF said...

Thank you for this, Catherine, very much. The "living proof of Christ's endless and unequivocal love and grace" is what drew me back to the Anglican Church, and it is what keeps me here no matter what. In the UK where I live it would be all too easy to feel that this stuff is not so much a gnat as the distant sound of a gnat - and yet the pain you still must feel in the ECUSA is our pain too, for we are all one in Christ Jesus, and our prayers are with you, always.