Sunday, May 13, 2007

Housekeeping Notes

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all mommies everywhere!

Second of all, I will not tolerate anonymous, negative and denigrating posts about my Episcopal Church or my PB. All such posts will be zapped from existence, forthwith.

Thirdly, anyone who praises a foreign bishop for persecuting his own people and parishioners, gay or straight, have something seriously wrong with their heads as well as their hearts, and are totally clueless about Jesus' message of salvation. Anyone who praises a foreign bishop for "trespassing" in to a Province or diocese that should have its jurisdiction respected accordingly, is WAY out of line. Ya don't see any of our legitimate Episcopal bishops trotting over to Nigeria and starting a "mission" to undermine the current Nigerian bishop. We are above such nonsense and power-mongering. Thanks be to God that ++Katharine has the intelligence and spiritual maturity it takes to be a leader in the Church, and has an understanding of what the Gospel message was then, is now and should be for the future: Love God, love your neighbor. What part of these two commandments handed down by Christ DON'T they understand? It doesn't get any simpler than that. Someone needs to tell Ephraim Radner and Martyn [and no, he doesn't get a cross in front of his name...period].

Fourthly, being "infatuated" by my PB as I have been accused of is so far off the mark that its laughable. I admire and respect her because she has earned it and has proven her metal with the boys in Tanzania. They were wise enough to behave as well as they did with the exception of little Peter who had his usual whinges and did not want to play nice with the rest of the group or break bread with a girl.

Fifthly, the Episcopal Church is not at the root of the crack in the Communion's sidewalk. Talk about a lack of spirit of cooperation. The Bishop of Nigeria is against reconciliation as well as keeping the Communion together. He is for imprisoning Christians in his own country if the don't tout his "party" line. His actions and words prove this. How he can blame the Episcopal Church is truly flummoxing. He is a schism unto himself, and he has no one else to blame but the reflection he sees in the mirror. End of story.

So, aside from all that, things are well in the southwestern corner of Oregon, the state that brought you the original Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, priest, before she became the Bishop of Nevada and Presiding Bishop of our own Episcopal Church. We have blue sky, snow in the mountains, sun in the valleys, vineyards and flowers flourishing, and a gentle breeze whiffling around it all. I would say that our Episcopal Church is alive and well here in Oregon as well as the national entity, in spite of the acne that would attempt to deface it.

Until next time, happy Eastertide to all.


Magdalene6127 said...

Catherine+, your house rules are eminently fair and reasonable. Blessings!


Cecilia said...

I hadn't realized you were getting hostile comments. I'm so sorry. Thank you for setting good guidelines for all.

Pax, C.

Catherine + said...

Thank you Mags and Cecelia. I simply will not brook any hostility or nastiness in the comments...period. You think those at Stand Limp and Vitriol Online would have some sanity. And I have every right to be peeved.



Eileen said...

Feh on that crowd anyway.

Proclaiming the death of an obviously living church.


Marshall Montgomery said...

Hi Catherine+,

Salutary rules, to be sure. But I wouldn't be so quick to lump Ephraim Radner in with Martyn Minns. Admitedly, Radner is a conservative, but I think he's been too easily dismissed; as an "Abraham Lincoln," I think if you read more of his work, you'd find yourself sympathizing...sometimes despite yourself...with this man, who clearly loves the Episcopal Church and wants to hold it together. He is no schismatic. (And even if he were, we'd be called to love him, as I'm sure you'd agree.) If you're into theology, you may want to check out my recent essays on Radner's thought, which you can read here and here.



Catherine + said...

Oh Monty, I think being ordained might have something to do with my interest in theology, and my work on a doctorate in ministry. I will consider your invitation. Thank you.