Saturday, December 01, 2012

"What will we find there?"

Tell me again
why I am standing in a bitter wind
sand flying all over
and around me

trying to fasten a saddle
on this stubborn camel
trying to keep my goods
from being lost to the desert.

Best robes and turbans
packed and still I wonder
will I really need them
where I am going,

off on some journey
where I am not sure of
what is to be found...
or whom?

There was the dream,
there was the voice that
well, seemed to speak
with such authority,

with such crystal clarity
I could not help myself
but move with purpose
to follow, of all things...

A star, immense,
stunningly bright
the effulgence of which
never have I seen.

Across the open dunes
we wonder, what is beneath
that star...
What will we find there,

some miracle, some treasure
a fortune teller, a prince?
Too early to tell
So we wait...



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FranIAm said...

Here via Jan at Yearning for God...

This is so beautiful. Thank you and peace!

Jan said...

Catherine, I hope someday you'll collect all these Advent and Christmas poems and offer them for publication.

Beautiful. Lovely. Thank you.

Gartenfische said...

Beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Thank you, Catherine.

Gartenfische said...
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Jane R said...

Beautiful, Catherine. Thank you.

I am going to share this with my friend Liz, who reminded her Facebook friends today that the magi/3 kings started their journey way ahead of the day we remember them.

Jane R said...

Oh, but I see from FB that Liz has already discovered your blog!