Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leap and Dance [reposted from 2007]

Imagine knowing the presence of someone you have never met yet you knew in the core of your very being that this someone was indeed extraordinarily special. You cannot see or hear them, much less anything else, because you haven't been born yet. Warm and cozy insider your mother's womb, no cares in the world for any ordinary baby, but for John soon-to-be the Baptizer, it is very different. Imagine the thoughts, the vision...

Shimmering in

Understated majesty

Sapphire and silver

Herald the Coming

Afar that way but

Drawing, drawing

Incrementally nigh.

Coming in

Glistening glory,

With awe, pondering

The wordless beckoning

The spirit replies

Yea! Follow the Star!

I follow, immersed in

Glimmering glory

My soul shouts

In joy inexpressible

He comes! He comes!

My Lord, He comes!

Oh how I would leap

And dance before

His coming, if not

For this womb.



Jan said...

Catherine, your poetry is beautiful and moves me to feel this waiting season. Thank you.

Catherine + said...

Jan, I am not knowing what to say, except it comes to me and all I can do is write it down. I want to know where it leads me as we wait for Him who first loved us...thank you with all humility.

Diane said...

what Jan said... wonderful poetry... I see you are a writer...I'll bee looking for more good words!

C said...

Lovely poem Catherine...indeed, when Love arrives, surprising us with its Glory, there is leaping and dancing and such wonder.


C said...

Thank you for this lovely poem Catherine. Indeed...when LOVE arrives incarnate, there is such celebration.