Thursday, February 14, 2008

1900 out of 22K: What about the rest of the Diocese of Oregon?

Thanks to a very reliable source in Portland, OR, I have new information regarding "the letters" +Johncy sent to some but not all in our fair diocese. I quote below from an email I received from Bruce K Mason of Portland Integrity and the moderator of the IntegrityTalk-West Episcopal discussion group list. I have permission from Bruce to freely share all or any portion of the email to anyone I wish. Bruce is connected by way of INTEGRITY USA across the country and hears a lot of the news that is news from his own reliable sources. Here is some very interesting information and also some news to help up gauge the "climate", if you will:

This morning I learned that one lay person associated with SS Peter and Paul received a copy of the letter referenced below via US Mail on the Bishop's letterhead. I am curious to know if anyone else has received the letter by US Mail. I'm trying to figure out if there is a pattern of who is receiving the US Mail version -- the one person I know who received it regarded it as a 'Invitation' from +Johncy. I did not have such a letter in my US Mail today. I have received digital copies of the letter (e-mail) from several sources. I have seen it posted on various lists and web sites beyond the Diocese of Oregon. It is causing a lot of comment, many wonder what is going on here. So do I."

If +Johncy felt he could do something to save the reputation of his failed episcopacy, he is definitely taking the wrong approach. About 1900 letters were sent via U S Mail at a cost of about $780. The situation in the Diocese of Oregon is appearing on e-lists and blogs throughout the Church. Notice has been made of this meeting scheduled at a time when most Lay persons are working or fulfilling family obligations. Too bad +Johncy did not get the message and simply say, "Buh-bye." He is appearing very foolish. Folks on Long Island are "Freaked Out" at the prospect of him returning there, and may discuss this with Bp Walker."

There are questions, most certainly: Where did the $780 come from? Was it his own money or that of the Diocese? Why only 1900 letters? Why not send "invitations" to everyone, all 22,000 of us? Why are Episcopalians in Long Island so concerned about about +Johncy's return that the sitting Bishop may be brought into the situation? What is the real reason behind this impromptu meeting to "clarify" the pressure the Standing Committee has allegedly imposed? If he didn't like the proposed time-table and severance package, why did he agree to it before the SC and the representative from 815? Why is he balking now?

Food for thought, most assuredly. Will we ever get answers? Most likely not. But then again, maybe, some day or sometime ahead...


Curious George said...

I suspect many readers, like myself, have no clue what you're talking about. How 'bout a link or something? I'm a member of Fort Worth Integrity and former longtime member of the Diocese of Oregon, so I'm curious.

Catherine + said...

Dear CG, I apologize that my references are at best, cryptic in regard to my diocese, and your former diocese. Please reference the two previous entries, one being "Open Letter" and "Bishop Refutes". That should bring you up to speed on the latest entry.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the letter from the presidents of the convocations. It might be helpful to post that too. Your priest or Bruce will have it.

Catherine + said...

Dear Anon: Thank you for the heads-up. Look for a new entry, pronto!