Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Provisions for Along the Way: Lent

Now that we are entered into Lent, we think of all the things we could do to make it meaningful to us as we anticipate the events that inevitably come, the moderated joy and the coming sorrows. I have found a blog created by our Scottish Episcopal branch and if you seek something from a fresh perspective, then I encourage you to journey to Beauty From Chaos.

Among the blogs I read, there are two that stand out as great examples of Lenten focus. The Psaltery blends the Word with hymnody in a unique and moving style. For a different view into another's Lenten journey, I encourage you to visit De Die In Diem where the visual compliments the written...both of these are truly excellent.

If you prefer more visual or creative ways in which Lent is express, then I bid you visit The
Episcopal Church and Visual Arts page. There is some moving and amazing art inspired by this contemplative season in our Church. I find that there are time when a visual image helps me attain a better focus on what is truly spiritually important and life changing. Prayer, being a vital part of our spiritual lives, can be beautiful in its simplicity, as well as in its complexity. Many people use a form of the Jesus Prayer to help guide their way in not only contemplative prayer but also in centering prayer. My own priest once shared with me how she uses the Jesus prayer for becoming centered in spirit. The portion of the prayer that I use as a result is:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner.

This and other related prayers can be found at King of Peace--Anglican Prayers. One could pray these prayers with an Episcopal rosary. Sources for these warm and quietly lovely rosaries--also known as simply prayer beads--can also be found on this site and on InnerLight, a place where you can choose the types of materials that reflect your spiritual person.

Another of my particular favorites for prayer is Interlude: Prayers. Here you will find a wide range of prayers for Lent or any other season of our Church year. Thomas Merton is featured among other writers, known and unknown. I encourage you to visit and perhaps find a prayer that will become a special blessing to you. Related to the Interlude: Prayers site is the Interlude Internet Retreat page. There you will discover prayers from around the world that may move you in ways unknown during this holy Lent.

There are prayers and litanies from other countries that have moved me in ways that only a new culture's perspective can lend. One unique prayer that I simply love is the "Prayer for Light in the Darkness", a prayer from Africa:

O Father God, I cannot fight this darkness by beating it with my hands.
Help me to take the light of Christ into it.

It is my hope that some, or all or even one of these resources will be an inspiration to you along this Lenten way with one another, no matter where we are, we journey with our Lord Christ. Will you be my companion along the Way?



Lisa Fox said...

I'm not fleeing Lent; I'm embracing it. But thanks for gathering these resources.

Catherine + said...

I can't imagine that you would even consider it! :-) Glad you may find something useful here.



Crimson Rambler said...

Thank you so much, Catherine+...when I'm tempted to beat at the darkness with both hands...! you've given me a better resource.

gartenfische said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There are some beautiful prayers, etc. at those sites. I am so grateful. I especially love Beauty from Chaos.

I bought some prayer beads a couple of years ago---they are gorgeous (African seed beads), but I haven't really made use of them. I look forward to spending time at the Anglican prayer beads link.

Psalmist said...

Catherine, thank you very much for listing my blog series here. I've gotten some traffic, which is always nice. More importantly, however, I hope that my sharing of that fruit (the devotional series) from a very sad and difficult period in my life proves to be a blessing for others.