Wednesday, June 03, 2009

HoB Theology Cmte Chair refuses to release secret committee names

I use the term "refuse" which is to "decline" to be forthcoming on information, in this case. This is the result of the story that was posted yesterday revealing the existence of a secret committee on homosexuality within the Theology Committee itself. And the beat goes on...

Bishops' Theology Committee chair declines to release names of same-gender study group

Advocacy groups call decision 'insult' that goes against church's transparent governance

By Mary Frances Schjonberg

[Episcopal News Service] A group formed by Episcopal Church bishops to study the theology of same-gender relationships has begun its work, but the chair of the committee that appointed the panel refuses at least for now to identify its members, a decision that critics say is insulting and lacking in transparency.

"It has always been the committee's intention to publish the names of the panel when the work has reached the appropriate stage," Diocese of Alabama Bishop Henry Parsley, chair of the House of Bishops Theology Committee, said in a statement June 3. "We believe that for a season the work can best be accomplished by allowing the panel to work in confidence. This supports the full collegiality and academic freedom of the theologians and provides the space they need for the deep dialogue and reflection that is taking place among them."

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