Saturday, June 20, 2009

A month later...

It has been exactly one month and a day since I did the very bad thing to my knee. I am, however, so much better that I have returned to work--June 8th--and I am doing just fine. I am still in a hinge-brace a good part of the time but I think its just a security blanket but as I become braver and my knee becomes stronger, I will be able to get by without it some point. I am not rushing myself in this healing good every comes of that.

I was also able to return to church last Sunday for the first time in a good while. That was especially healing for my heart and soul. To lose myself in worship of my most courteous Lord was indeed refreshing and renewing. To be surrounded by my church family was superb, and to see my priest and hear her saying the Eucharistic prayer once again simply sent my spirit soaring with elation. Singing the hymns and the fraction anthem, the Venite, chanting the psalm, all of it...inexpressible joy.

This Sunday I will be going with the LEM after the 10 am service to take communion to a home bound parishioner out in the hills outside of Ashland. The home bound parishioners are ones I have never met until I resumed being a Lay Eucharistic Minister I & II recently, and before the Great Knee Incident. Some of these dear hearts have not much time left on this side of the veil but they are ready for the other side nonetheless. These are the Prayer Warriors of old, staunch allies of God, part of the Greatest Generation. Solid and nearly indestructible. They remind us of where we are all headed, and its really ok.

As far as Church News, I haven't heard a whole lot since I last reported about the change in the statement of the site. Funny how things fall silent all of a sudden. I need to dig around on the other reliable Episcopal blogs to find out the skinny on what is going on with that if anything. And when I find something to share, I will post it here with links to them directly.

We do need to be praying in preparation for General Convention 2009 coming up in a few weeks and for those who will participating and voting on various resolutions. I know my priest will be one of those delegates from the Diocese of Oregon, as she was in years before. Thank goodness for the one clear-headed person I know will be there making prayerful and deliberate decisions on how she will vote and what she will say if called upon.

We also need to be praying about and watching the tense situation in Iran. The people had their voice snuffed out in the so-called election, and now they want it back. Pray for those who seek freedom and religious freedom from the current theocracy and tyranny of the current president and master-mind of this hijacked election process. Democracy my a**. The corrupt holders of the government wouldn't know democracy if it hit them in the face. Just as George Bush tried to create and almost succeeded in creating a theocracy here in America, the people spoke for freedom, their rights and for change. And we got it. Anything is better than what was happening in this country and to its people. We cannot stand idly by and see it happen to another country and another people longing to be free from oppression. So pray, talk about it, encourage those there by sending or commenting on Twitter and on the blogs by Iranians there and in the USA. If you are participating in Twitter, just input #Iranelection in the search box and "hear" what is going on "live feed".

I have plans for returning library books today. I also will check out the Big Bookstore since I haven't been there in months. Its something to do and gets me out walking around, good for rehab of the ol' knee. I may start trimming the laurel hedge this afternoon, a little anyway. One must start somewhere or my front outdoor room will be swallowed by it!

I bid you all a good week and may the Lord bless you in all you encounter and attempt!



Lisa Fox said...

I'm glad to hear you're a bit more mobile, Catherine. If I had an injury that kept me away from church, my soul would certainly shrivel into a dry little thing.

Lisa Fox said...

Drat! I left you a long response, but Blogger seems to have eaten it. :(