Monday, May 17, 2010

News you should know...

...about your Church.  Just follow the links below for all kinds of news stories, information and...just stuff.



First off, two women bishops ordained and out of the starting gate: Read about it here.

OR here, from Episcopal Life Online...

OR, thanks to Susan Russell+ at An Inch At A Time see some video of the consecrations, here.

Elizabeth Kaeton+ of Telling Secrets also has great coverage photos and first hand account of the consecrations, so do pop over.

Openly Episcopal in Albany has a great article on what the Presiding Bishop thinks of the Anglican Covenant.

The Episcopal Cafe has a great presentation on what other Episcopal churches are doing around the country.  I hope it's a permanent feature.

Women veterans are most likely to fall through "the cracks" upon their return home as resources are few and far between but a priest who as a part-time chaplain in the service saw the need and did something about it.  Please read about it here.

The Church of England is stuck in a time warp about women bishops.  If you must, and you should just so you know what our cousins are doing, read about the "amendments" to the consideration of women bishops [sorry, major eyeroll here].  Just. Get. On. With. It.  We are light years ahead of you, cousins in the C of E.

And then I came across this little gem of Christian Mysticism...I know, way off the news freeway but still I was looking for information on Margery Kempe and look what I found...if you haven't been to it already or know about it, you will LIKE!  

And finally, what self-respecting Episcopalian doesn't know that there is an Underground movement?  These guys are great and newsy.  Try Anglican Underground, THE blog.

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Jan said...

Catherine, thanks for taking the time to get all these links together in one place! What an array to look at and ponder. Thank you--I'll be back when I have more time.