Friday, May 28, 2010

+Rowan burns bridges instead of building them...

On Facebook today, Diana Butler Bass, author, commented in her status line about the ABC of Canterbury's Pentecost letter punishing American Anglicans for neglecting to fall in line with "moratoria",
Diana Butler Bass: "Does anyone think it a little odd that ABC Rowan Williams issues a Pentecost letter essentially kicking American Anglicans off all ecumenical commissions while he was in DC attending a conference called "Building Bridges"? So many layers of inconsistency and irony that it leaves me breathless..."
Here's the letter in it's entirety [and I cannot seem to get the font to behave on blogspot!]:

Canterbury proposes resignation of ecumenical commission members

[Episcopal News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is proposing that representatives currently serving on some of the Anglican Communion's ecumenical dialogues should resign their membership if they are from a province that has not complied with moratoria on same-gender blessings, cross-border interventions and the ordination of gay and lesbian people to the episcopate. Williams made his proposal in a May 28 Pentecost letter to the Anglican Communion, in which he specifically refers to the May 15 consecration of Los Angeles Bishop Suffragan Mary Douglas Glasspool and the ongoing activity across provincial boundaries. Glasspool is the Episcopal Church's second openly gay, partnered bishop.

Two Episcopal Church members serving on the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue and one on the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order are expected to be affected by the proposal.

Sadly enough, read the rest here.


Jan said...

Catherine, you continue to be my best source for Anglican news. I don't pay enough attention on my own way down here in south TX, so I appreciate your posts. Thanks.

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for this addition to the ongoing, sad saga, Catherine. I've committed bloggery here.

Catherine said...

Indeed, Apostle Lisa, thou hast committed most heinous bloggery. Fie upon thee, and dern good job! And, "Uh huh" to the study of Luke.

Catherine said...
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Lisa Fox said...

Grace and peace to you, Apostle Catherine, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I give unending thanks for your fine witness. And chiefly -- at this moment -- I give thanks for your gracious and [dare I say?] paradoxical two-fold fie and high-five upon my most recent bloggery, for which you -- of course -- share some blame.

I, Lisa, can verily attest that spending some twelve hours with the lectionary for Pentocost 2 (Proper 5) most assuredly does something to the brain cells of anyone thereunto appertaining ... or apper-blathering. Whichever.