Friday, June 18, 2010

Executive Council sends message to the Episcopal Church: An Excerpt

This is an excerpt of the Executive Council's message to the Episcopal Church from their latest meeting, held from June 16-18, 2010, in Linthicum, Maryland.  This is the section on the visit with invited guest Canon Kenneth Kearon, SecGen of the Anglican Communion.  His responses as is, are in my humble opinion, ridiculous.  The whole report can be found here.

"The 45-minute session on Friday with invited guest Canon Kenneth Kearon was carefully prepared for by the Standing Committee on World Mission, who wrote the thoughtful and substantive questions that made clear our commitment to being an inclusive church while also deeply committed to classic Anglicanism and deepening our relationship with our sisters and brothers across the Communion.

Canon Kearon began by describing the beginning of the current tensions as the increasing “problem of growth and diversity in the Anglican Communion.”  This statement was significant to a body that has long seen diversity in the Body of Christ as an opportunity and has sought to base its actions on the baptismal promise that we will seek and serve Christ in all people and respect the dignity of every human being.

The questions sought clarification on the presenting issues, including the Archbishop of Canterbury’s removal of appointees from The Episcopal Church to ecumenical bodies and Canon Kearon’s statement that The Episcopal Church does not “share the faith and order of the vast majority of the Anglican Communion.” He also responded to concerns about incursions by other provinces of the Communion.

He acknowledged that the Archbishop of Canterbury considers certain activities of the Province of the Southern Cone to constitute an incursion, but is awaiting clarification about the extent of these activities from the primate of that province. However, such ongoing breaches of the moratorium on incursions do not rise to the same level of departure from the faith and order of the Communion as does the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Christians.

The Council very much appreciated the chance to meet with Canon Kearon, who agreed to respond in writing to additional questions from members of the Council."

I'm curious about the "additional questions".  Might one or two be about how the ABC insulted ECUSA's PB?  Hmmm???


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Mompriest said...

yes, it appears that ABC did not like her response/letter to his statment a few weeks ago...and subsequently....sigh