Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking A Little Time Away...

It is the middle of summer and I think I need a tiny vacation from my blogspot.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy blogging. It has in some ways become a saving grace. It is a place were I can fine tune my writing in all of its forms and shapes, share the ideas of others with credit duly given and also to talk about my church--whether Trinity South or THE Church Episcopal USA, and just about any country's name you wish to tack on.

I love my Church because it--in all its frailty and shortcomings--is a very tender yet strong place to be, physically and spiritually. And that is the beauty of it--my church can be and is everywhere I am. I am not a "perfect" Christian, in fact, there is no such creature. We are all in a constant state of flux and growth [at least those of us who choose to grow and not get all gummed up in the static existence of some] and that is as it should be.

I think I have tried to be informative and open-minded [emphasis on the word "try" here], and I think I have succeeded for the most part. From the get-go I let everyone know that I would occasionally rant about things that would and do touch me deeply or that I felt justifiably passionate about, whether about Memorial Day or being a chaplain, or talking about pets, and folks commented accordingly. Thank you for your candor.

It was and is also a creative outlet for poetry, the celebratory and the mournful, and I was happy to provide a place where others could and did have their work shown to the blogosphere and cyberspace, in the hope that it would make a positive difference in someone's life, somewhere.

And it was and is a delight to share the occasional sermon from my rector--with her permission
-- to a wider audience that I felt needed to hear the hope and joy, prayer and praise from someone I admire and respect so very much, and who for me, represents Christ to me each Sunday and during the week. Hat tip to the Rev. Anne Bartlett and, bowing inwardly, namaste.

To my critics and there are some, especially to the north in Portland and surrounding area, I offer this:

If any had bothered to read or visit my blog, you would have had the opportunity to know me better before indiscriminately deleting my postings to the TrinityTwo Yahoo! Group list [ a joint list between Trinity Cathedral Portland and Trinity Church, Ashland ] or banishing me and my attempts to inspire conversation on an otherwise dead list. If people leave something inactive, it is understandable because there is no point in staying. For months there was nothing posted and I, being one who reads things for intellectual stimulation and edification, found the list sorely lacking in content. The words and actions of some of its members have indeed strained the bonds of affection I felt were commonly held as Episcopalians in the same diocese.

I will remain on the list, though to what avail I know not; perhaps in the hope that an enlightened soul or two will sally forth and offer something of their own for us to feast on instead of the usual empty plate.

I will pray for its success, that its members may become kinder and edify one another.

I will return to writing and posting in about a month, if not sooner. If I feel that something needs to be said or a perspective given, then I will do it. In the meantime I wish all on my update list and those that aren't, peace and goodness, health and well-being. I urge us all to go out and be the Church.

Blessings on the journey,



atticus said...

peace to you, too, Catherine, and hope you have a restful vacation, both physically and spiritually.

Will said...

Dearest Catherine,

You are a blessing to me, and I always enjoy your posts; looking forward to those updates because I know they will well worth reading. My loving and best wishes to you as you take this time to rest and rejuvinate. Meanwhile, I will be returning here often to read and re-read posts from the past.

Blessings from your brother, Will

ann said...

Hey Catherine,
Whenever I spend some time with your blog and your writings, I am always impressed. Sorry folks from the north have commented negatively, been discouraging. You have a strong smart compassionate voice. I am wondering, have you ever taught? I bet you'd be good.

Blessings on your nimble journey

Pisco Sours said...

Peace be with you, Catherine, and I hope you return to blogging refreshed and energized and ready to evangelize the Word of God again!

Charlene said...

I'm sorry that you have had to undergo such a difficult time with some of the Trinity North folks. I have always enjoyed reading what you have had to share and am looking forward to your posts after your vacation.

Catherine + said...

Char and everyone, thank you. It is ridiculous that I should be blamed for people leaving the list. Gee, we had a whopping 35 or 40 people I think, out of how many possible? Let's see, Trinity South has about 400 members. And I haven't a clue what the Cathedral has but maybe its all the inactivity that keeps people away. To try to stimulate conversation is such a bad thing???

Again I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. I will be back and HOW! :-)

The love of Christ to all of you,

[who does actually go fishing...]