Thursday, June 28, 2012

GC 2012's 77 year: how to follow the issues

Scott Gunn, Episcopal priest and director of Forward Movement, has posted all of the below on this blog called "Seven Whole Days" that will be covering the events and developments of the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church USA, which will begin on July 5th. Included are links to the Blue Book, or program of the convention, a document of proposed resolutions with and without the reports on each. You may wish to bookmark these as he suggests for quick reference if you wish to follow closely the things to be discussed, debated and decided upon for the next three years. Please also be prayerful for the deputies and bishops who will be in attendance voting on these issues. Thank you.

So here you go: every resolution that will be considered by General Convention 2012. Please note that there are more resolution on the way. I will update this file until the deadline for submitting resolutions, early in General Convention.

The “Blue” Book — A001 through A155
“Blue” Book resolutions only, minus the reports – A001 through A155.
Everything else – A156 and up; all B, C, and D resolutions. As of today, goes up to A167, B012, C107, and D020. Last updated 26 June 2012.
Bookmark this page and come back. When I get my hands on new resolutions, I’ll update the “everything” file and change the date.

To track the progress of legislation or to see how the resolutions get amended, use the wonderful system at the General Convention website. Seriously, this is a fantastic website. The General Convention Office did a great job, and pretty much everything you’d want to know about General Convention and its legislation is readily available. What was the only thing missing? A giant PDF, now available here at 7WD.

For what it’s worth, check out the index of GC 2012 resolutions with the 7WD official position and each one, provided I have gotten around to blogging it.

ALSO, go here for the General Convention Directoryto find out even MORE!
2012 GC Directory">

As I’ve been blogging my way through the “Blue” Book and other resolutions for General Convention, I had been wishing I could get all of the non-”Blue” Book resolutions in one file. It just makes it easier to keep track of them. Thanks to some help (from someone who wishes to remain anonymous, I think), I have made a combined file of resolutions.

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