Saturday, June 23, 2012

greenbough: Blog of Marla Hanley

I don't know how many bishops have wives or husbands or partners that blog on their take of current events and social justice issues.

I don't know about the others but I do know about wife of Bishop Michael Hanley of the Diocese of Oregon. Marla Hanley is a blogger who speaks her mind and doesn't sit on a fence of make or imagination. Like me, you are either on one side of particular issues or you are on the other.

Recently a retired priest friend of mine from my area in southern Oregon posted a picture of a fence near a tree. On the side of the fence was very large sign that said, DO NOT SIT ON FENCE.

Part of being able to choose one side or another is determined by a state of being. Which states of being? Educated or Ignorant are the two definitions I would pick. The ones who do sit on the fence could careless of it. These fence sitters won't commit one way or another, so they remain silent. It is the once who remain silent who encourage the Ignorant that they are right about an issue and the other side is wrong, in spite of the facts and proofs.

Marla is no fence sitter. I encourage you to read her blog greenbough here.

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