Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just How Welcome Are Gays and Lesbians? Survey Results by Louie Crew

Louie Crew is Chair of the deputation to General Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and is a Member of Executive Council. He created and executed a phone survey of the parishes who have an attendee to the House of Deputies at the General Convention in June. The responses are at once heartening on the one hand and give cause for deep concern on the other.

To listen for yourself, here is the link to the survey:

When you see the "SERIES" title, click on it for the one that covers the deputy or deputies in your area and hear the telephone survey responses to Louie's questions. The playback works best with Quicktime Media Player which is available from the website. Adjust the volume on your computer accordingly.

As you listen, it does give a clearer picture of where the deputies and their parishes stand on the inclusion of ALL the baptized in their churches.

I personally emailed Louie Crew for permission to link to his survey site and he happily gave permission with his usual "Joy!"

Thanks to AMM in my parish for forwarding the survey results page to me :-)

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atticus said...

how interesting! i got goose bumps hearing so many say...we welcome all...and most meant it!