Monday, May 08, 2006

A Tale of Two Rabbits...and their progeny

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Allow me to introduce one of a plethora of bunnies I have had the joy of knowing the last year or so. I do not know this bunny's lagomorphic name but I will call it Frisbee.

About two and half years ago, a family moved out of the neighborhood and when they did, they let go two store-bought rabbits--one was a Rex and the other a Checkered Giant. The Rex was brown and white and when sitting as bunnies do, was about 1 foot, 6 inches tall, including ears. The Checkered Giant was black and white and was a few inches shorter...sitting down, including ears. After some brief observations it was determined that the Rex was female and the Giant was male. I began calling them names, she was Big Mama and he was Pal. She was shy and Pal was a bit more outgoing. So much so that he would come to me and allow me to pet him on the head for a moment before withdrawing. He also would eat out of my hand occasionally. Big Mama was too shy to do that but that was ok. They were good bunnies.

Well, it is now not quite three summers since then and we are 20 or so generations later. There are now three adults and until today there had been about 8 offspring of various ages. Three died today at the whim of a black and white cat. I will not disturb anyone with the details of their untimely demise but suffice to say it was not pleasant duty to prepare them for burial and then commit them back to their Maker, with thanks for their whimsical and furry little lives with which they graced mine.

I suppose that my yard and woodpile have become, in Lady Tottington's words from "Wallace and Gromit: The Night of the Wererabbit": "A safe place for all things furry." Actually the neighbors like the bit of country charm they add to the surroundings. Others help feed them. It has actually given the neighbors something else to talk to each other about besides the price of gas or what we are going to do with the high school kids who occasionally use our front yards for trash cans. Watching the rabbits softens people after a hard day at work, and makes for gentle smiles. Bunnies are good for the soul.

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