Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Silent Cry"

Silence is a cry
So loud and raw,
That when you scream it
No one hears you.

Presence is a cry
Tangible and real,
That when you are in it
No one sees you.

Isolation is a prison
Not of choice but circumstance,
It is where you find yourself
When friends are all around you.

They do not hear
They do not see
The pain and grief of life,
The wish for a way through.

When grief and loss
Abound within,
Who will throw me a lifeline
Who will come to my rescue?

On the floor, dog beside
Tears move across face;
The anguish is deafening
It grips long after it is gone.

Such faithfulness,
Such unfailing love;
How is it that a creature knows more
Than we do about loving?

Poverty of heart
Indigent of spirit,
Famine of caring
Battery of soul.

Saving grace
Wears fur and wet nose,
Eyes so deep, hearing keen
Now, I can find some sleep.

This poem was written by Name Withheld, May 2006


atticus said...

this is very moving...anything i write sounds trite after reading this..but i do feel the anguish of the writer...and i have felt a similar 6th sense of "knowing my grief" from my collie...i can be sad and silently crying and from across the house, she finds me curled on my bed in the fetal position, moves her wet nose to find my hand and nuzzles it...it is neat...

Catherine + said...

Hello atticus, and thank you for your response. This poet has known great grief...almost to the point of breaking. I am sure he/she would not want you to discount your own ability and talent at all. The poet who wrote this piece told me it took a few rewrites to get the feeling and words right, so don't give up on writing or think you cannot write as well or better than another writer. We are all gifted by God and express it individually. Keep writing atticus!

Morgan said...

I like the way the graphic works with this poem. Thanks for posting.

Catherine + said...

Thank you Morgan. Finding the right illustration to go with text that truly expresses what the author is trying to evoke is difficult but rewarding. He/She was pleased at the choice as well.

Mary Beth said...

This is lovely. Thank you!

And welcome to RGBP from a fellow INFP. :)

Sally said...

wow... thanks for posting- I too am an INFP!

Catherine + said...

Sally and MaryBeth, thank you for the welcome by the Gals. Glad to be aboard with all of you!