Sunday, June 04, 2006

Alone In a Crowded Church

The room is crowded, smiles all around.
I am alone, invisible to all;
No one gets it, they never do,
Knowing you don’t feel a part them.

There is love there, all around
I see it, I hear it, I sense it
But it does not come to me
Wanting, needing it, but it does not come…

You call out to it, beg it to draw near;
It wants to but has no way to reach you,
I watch it move by in the shape of people
I hear it call out…to everyone else…

Walking away, the aloneness follows
Faithfully, steadfast, unfailing.
It speaks your name when people don’t
It enfolds you, like you wish they would…

Though the day is sunny, warm and good
That is the only positive thing you feel,
God’s creation always there, Christ is always there,
You know it, see it, feel it on your face.

In your heart of hearts, you know the Presence
You just wish He would take human form,
And touch you, speak your name gently,
Perhaps hold you briefly, assuring you.

It rarely happens that way
Even in His house,
On the outside you are serene
Inside you weep bitter tears and keen.

You don’t know where to start or end,
The pain, it’s right in the center
Of all that you have been and are,
Trying to find your way back to earth

And what you know is not needed anymore
There is no use of it or you, or so it seems;
How do we find our way
Once our way is gone?

This poem was submitted to Catherine+ by GardenerGal aka Name Withheld. May 2006.


will smama said...

Wow. I've so been to that church (and occasionally go back). Thank you for this.

Catherine + said...

Thank you and you are welcome, Will. I am glad that you go back because among the two greatest constants in the world, God being the first, change is always happening. May you know peace.