Friday, June 30, 2006

Retrograde General Convention: Episcopal Church Fails To Challenge Homophobia By Embracing Windsor Report

The following is a Media Release of 30 June 2006 by way of Integrity USA regarding the reaction of the UK's LGCM [Lesbian Gay Christian Movement]:

Following the decisions of The Episcopal Church in the USA to conform to the terms of the Windsor Report, The Revd Richard Kirker, Chief Executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement [LGCM] has issued a statement (30 June 2006) saying:

“I deeply regret the retrograde resolutions of the recent General Convention and deplore their abandonment of a Holy principle to pander to the evil that persists in many Christian hearts against us.”

The General Convention decisions will make it impossible for a partnered lesbian or gay priest to be consecrated a bishop and Mr Kirker says that the American Episcopalians were “coerced” into changing their stance.

Mr Kirker said he believed the Windsor Report commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury following the consecration of Gene Robinson as a bishop was “profoundly flawed” and that it “contains the seeds of destruction for our Communion”
“Our Church does have a sickness, the sickness of institutional homophobia, but the illness has been misdiagnosed and the treatment will mortify that what is good and leave the disease untouched.” He said.

Referring to the paper The Challenge and Hope of Being an Anglican Today: A Reflection for the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful of the Anglican Communion published by the Archbishop of Canterbury this week which sees the Anglican Communion dividing into full and associate members, Mr Kirker says: ““I have no wish to see a divided Communion, this will not serve the mission of the Church as we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, and it will increase the sense of rivalries with ever more contentious and bitter arguments over jurisdictions.”

But Mr Kirker believes that the plan laid out by the Archbishop of Canterbury will never be completed as other forces in the Anglican Church take control, ““We will indeed see a very different Church develop from our current divisions, but a large part of it will not be centered on Canterbury and the fall out to win unity and power will leave to those who remain with Canterbury a legacy they would not want.” He said.

Mr Kirker looked back at the joy and celebration that greeted the consecration of Gene Robinson and concluded: “Lesbian and gay Anglicans are still celebrating the faith, they still celebrate their sexuality and loving partnership, they look again for another day when they are celebrated by their own Church.

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