Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Voice of the Laity as Poetry: Post-GC2003 Petition, as Relevant Now as Then

Our Church is pulled like taffy
Stretched by self-righteousness,
Twisted with resentment,
Flavored with fear.
Only the grace of your Holy Spirit
Can melt our tiny licks of truth into love.
Grant us that sweet grace, Lord.

Our passions are polarized
By the certainty of our views.
Blindside us with insight, Lord
Mix sacred spittle in the mud of our desires.
For one moment let us see:
What if our opponents were right?
Grant us the empathy of your lens, Lord.

While we strategize critical chess moves
For this meeting and that conference
(Too savvy to think power won’t seek its own),
Keep us ever mindful that through you, Lord Christ --
Lost cause, throneless king --
Came utter and eternal victory over death.
Grant us your kingdom, Lord.

Reprinted by permission. All Rights Reserved. Morgan Hunt@Oct. 2003. Morgan is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, Ashland, Oregon.

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EastBayWill said...

Such a passionate and heart touching poem. Thank you for sharing