Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reflections of Thursday Healing and Eucharist

Simple gathering
centered in the week,
hearts given over to You.

Kneeling for the blessing
given so freely,
kairos time is upon us.

The last to be touched
hands resting upon my head,
silence incarnate.

Words spoken
I hear Jesus,
embodied in this priest.

Homily shared
lesson brought to light,
enlightenment received.

Peace given,
peace returned,
quiet recedes.

Gathered now as
chicks to our hen,
we wait.

With the bread of Body
we are fed,
each feeding the other,

With wine our thirst
is quenched anew,
blessed by holiness.

In quiet awe
marveling at the Presence
of Christ, our Mother with us;

And in us,
encompassing us
as if for the very first time.

For such a time as this,
how my spirit soars
knowing joy unspoken.

Nothing heals us
like You do...


Carolyn said...

What a lovely poem. It took me back to this afternoon as we said peace to each other and shared the Lord's table. Thank you for sharing, Catherine.

Peace and Love, Carolyn

Pogo said...

great poem, Catherine. Reminded me of my rural heritage--the warmth of the chicks with their hen, the mare, the ewe, the duck, the lovely heaps of creation.

Morgan said...

Very nice. And what truth in that last line!

Psalmist said...

Catherine, this is exquisite. And you've reminded me that despite my dread over the patriotic plans at "my place" this Sunday, we will also gather at the Lord's Table. All will be well.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Catherine + said...

Good Psalmist, that kairos time was truly exquisite.

Blessings to you,


Bert+ said...

It was with great interest that I read the poem about the Noon Eucharist on your blog
site. I'm happy that the noon Eucharists are such a positive
experience for you, and I hope, for others.

Catherine + said...

That is also my prayer, Bert. Thanks.


Songbird said...

Catherine's "Reflections on Thursday Healing and Eucharist" is an exquisite poem on her personal experience of the Eucharist. Wonderful, sensitive writing. It made me feel as though I were there, kneeling beside her.