Saturday, June 17, 2006

A few link updates, and of course, some observations

There is an overwhelming amount of business going on at Convention in Columbus, and more coming up.

There are a few items of particular interest to our more inclusive concerns. One of them is the live interview by CNN's Larry King which occurred the evening of Thursday, June 15th. If you missed it you can read the transcript here

As for Integrity's evangelism video for inclusion, the Voices of Witness full-length video can be watched online at

Carefully and expertly written articles regarding events and development at Convention can be read in The Witness if you go to

This is only a tiny sample of what information can be had on the Internet regarding Convention. The LGBT issue is certainly not the only one being address either. The BCP is looking at possible future changes as soon as 2009 in Anaheim, CA where the 76th GC will take place. Issues of the Church's part in slavery is being revealed in a 40 minute documentary in Columbus this weekend. And that brings us to reconciliation and reparations for same. Also regarding the Prayer Book are issues of youth, cultures from around the world in the Communion, the altering of our European view of prayer to be more inclusive of other people and incorporating them into a prayer book for all, everywhere.

And if it isn't enough that some of us are having a hard time getting along and communicating, there is a group of people outside of the Convention that make their views very clear. Their bigotry and hate has no place in Christian worship or Christian life.

On the lighter side: And its as if we didn't need one more controversy, a new one has come up at this Convention: Jello. Both houses are split over red versus green, plain or chunky. No one knows if it will come to vote but the electronic machines are now working in the House of Deputies so we will have to wait for the outcome.
But isn't it good to know and take comfort in the fact that God is so very present in the midst of it all, moving among all who are gathered there, those who love Him, those who don't, those who hate His people, those who are the Pharisees who enter the temple and say, "I am a righteous person, and therefore bless me!" and the one in perhaps less than the best of clothes, kneeling in a corner or before the main altar after everyone has left, whispering, "Lord I am not worthy. Please hear my prayer...". He is with us, perhaps more deeply seated within the hearts and conscious minds of His people, since this time last week when things had not yet begun.

And so we continue to wait, and pray. We listen and we deliberate, desperately wanting to understand things that we will never truly comprehend, wishing and hoping we can change things enough to make not only our denomination a better family but to make the world a better place. Let's keep listening and praying, no matter how long it takes. We need to be the witness of God in the world. I think that is a mission we can all agree on.


Jeff Martinhauk said...

I vote for red jello!


Catherine + said...

Well, as it turns out, the unofficial vote was for red jello, plain. We can keep our food simple but forget it on everything else! :-)

One thing they can all agree on like any reasonable Episcopalians, it's the food!