Monday, June 26, 2006

Humor for Episcopalians?

Yes humor, that thing we do when we don't know what else to do besides pray a lot.

So...if you want to say something about Convention--especially B-033--there are some very creative ways to do it. How about a truly welcoming bumper sticker from TEC? Find it here at

And how about something to wear? Try cafepress apparel at Some, not all, suggest you where to church...hmmm.

And then there is some semi-political fun stuff for Episcopalians to be had at

There is one thing we can say for certain about our faith, our denomination, the thing we call ourselves as Episcopalians: we do not lack for looking at a not so great situation and making fun of it, with acerbic wit and creativity. In that area we there is no lack of talent!

Keep praying and remember that our real hope yet remains unseen. Amen!

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