Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Episode OF...Sites and Blogs of Episcopal Interest and News [sans words from said sponsor...ahem...]

Once again I have come across some truly thought-provoking blogs by some very astute and occasionally humorous Episcopalian/Anglicans in the Communion Realm of the blogosphere. I am sure there are a few billion more out there that are like those undiscovered countries that explorers of times past and present seek with such relish [dill, not sweet; adds more pucker and interest...].

I suggest checking in with the Admiral at The Admiral of
to see how ship shape things really are in the fleet known as the Anglican Communion. And I am sure that Dan Morehead at America's Young Theologian can give you not only reflections from Scotland but now from France where he finds himself studying theology and writing reviews of movies, books and music. The wonderful Big Bulky Anglican provides us with reflections on blessings as well as other practical spiritual insight as the Anglican Communion turns and spins. If anything will help you get your gyroscopes balanced, his writing certainly will.

For the news that is news and news you can certainly use, I highly recommend The Daily Episcopalian. Jim Naughton brings us the latest developments in the Communion and ECUSA [that's US...], and a very new blog, EpiScope brings us every news story on the Web that mentions the Episcopal Church...a sort of compendium of information: if the Episcopal Church is involved, you'll know about it here.

Knowledge is power, my even-Christians, and Jesus doesn't expect us to be ostriches with our lovely little heads in the sand, now, does He? No, we thought not. To know how we are truly doing, we need to take the pulse of the larger Church. As my own priest said this Sunday, we are all called in some way to serve God and His Church...being informed is part of the discernment to that calling.



Nothing we do changes the past. Everything we do changes the future. ~~
Joan Chittister


Swandive said...

Great links C+. Thanks - blessings.

Eileen said...

I love AoM! Lots of Juicy stuff there!

And I have high hopes for EpiScope.

Thanks for these Catherine+!