Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Construction Zone...

As you can see, I am updating my blog, bending to the will of to appreciate all the new little tweaks and widgets they are so mystifyingly providing...

Some things are missing now but will return soon. It's 10:16pm PST and I am a tired little blogger. I will return tomorrow and work on getting my flickr,, and search buzz cloud up and running, as well as resorting my list of blogs which are now lumped under one title [which does NOT fit all...].

I will also reinstall my Abe Lincoln profile though some friends think that I ought not to consider myself a well-meaning unfortunate assassination victim, but I am a chaplain at heart and I like resolving disputes and bringing comfort.
So bear with me as I delve into the mysterious world of HTML and wend my way through its labyrinthine formulas and obscure abbreviations to hopefully come to the well-baked blog I have come to know and love.

Feel free to comment on the elements as they appear and give HELPFUL suggestions...could there be any other kind from you, dear readers?

They say there are only two real constants in the universe: God and change. I am doing some of the changing parts and not only with my wee blog. I am changing too. For the better is the goal here. I am learning to let go of inconsequential stuff, stuff that I can no more change than I could possibly change the weather, and both are intemperate.

So with that little bit of philosophizing, I will bid you a temporary adieu and a fortuitous "See you in the blogosphere, soonly, and hardhats are recommended."


Kirstin said...

Do you have Blogger Beta? If you do, it's really, really easy.

Go to your dashboard
Click on Layout
It'll take you to Page Elements.

Links go in "Links" (and you can change the title of the box). Anything with pictures goes in "HTML/JavaScript." You can find the code from your old template, and paste it in. You can give those boxes titles, but you don't need to.

Was this helpful?

Catherine + said...

Dear Kirstin, yes, I just converted. I guess I am annoyed that I cannot move blocks of blog links like before; it's the devil moving them one at a time to sorted areas. Exercise in patience I suppose...thanks though for all the truly helpful tips!

Kirstin said...

You're welcome! It took me forever to figure this out, but once I got it, it was obvious. You're doing well!