Sunday, February 11, 2007

Can't Get Enough of Debra Farrington? Here's THE DOOR interview!

The Wittenburg Door interview with pics of her
kitty and puppy! The Wittenburg Door is an online magazine as well as a printed publication available for subscription in either format. Those of us who attended her all day workshop on spiritual discernment at First Presbyterian Church, Ashland, Oregon will know exactly what I mean.


And drive carefully on your way. Don't let your karma drive over your dogma... [yes, indeed, C+, very, very bad chaplain girl! tsk!]

"God became human in order that we may become divine. That's the task."

++Katharine Jefferts Schori


Anonymous said...

Thanks for info on Debra Farrington. I figured she must have been good. I assume you got a lot out of the event? With a migraine yet? Whew!!

Catherine + said...

Yes, ann, it was a deeply enriching day of interactivity as well as study and listening, inwardly and outwardly. The migraine was only in its earliest stage of nondetection...the real thing happened much later...thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Poor Catherine+!! Feel better soon! Migraines are nasty. (healing prayers)