Monday, February 12, 2007

Another installment OF: The Blog Travel Channel [big cheesy TV announcer grin here...]

Women and the Church...women IN the Church and churches...yeah, we are here and we will NOT go away...that said....

Here are some more blogs I have unearthed lately by churchy women, women ministers, women seminarians and outspoken women [sometimes and usually found in the women ministers corner but not always...].

Some women ministers are like Preacher Mom who say what they mean and mean what they say with that wonderful mommyness cuddled in there, or they are like Songbird at Set Free in all of her sweet, strong glory. And then you have the outspoken women minister mom on the glory road but with lots of strong love, like the ineffable Elizabeth Kaeton+ at Telling Secrets, and no, she will not go anywhere quietly! And I say, more power to her! I have also developed a good dose of appreciation for Tangled Up in Blue and the way she can paint us a picture from her neck of the churchy woods.

I also enjoy intellectually and spiritually the blog home of The Reverend Mother and all the wisdom she manages to impart. And then there's the power House of Toast by toastmaster Paula. And let me caution you, it is a beautiful and reflective place but can also pack a wallop, especially when you mention the Westboro Baptist Church of infamously mislead Fred Phelps and We Hate Everyone Gang...let me just say, wear a crash helmet, ok? Get my drift-a-roni? She's a Formula One blogger, people.

Now, if you are looking for a calm, cool but outstandingly British view of women in the Church, then I direct you to maggi dawn, priest, writer, singer, coordinator of God's iPod, and moderator of the Temperate Zone in the C of E. You cannot go outside of the zone when in Maggi's chapel.

And if you want to sample the life of a real, live anchoress in the modern world, then I point you to dear, wonderful Julia Bolton Holloway in Italy. Her scholarship is beyond the pale and her wit is a true delight as she shares her latest research and discoveries.

Stay tuned to this very blog for more outstanding sites as they become known to me, and I encourage you to view the blogrolls on these sites as well to discover undiscovered countries in the ever expanding blogosphere. Happy Trails!

"God became human in order that we may become divine. That's the task."

++Katharine Jefferts Schori

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Eileen said...

Wonderful sites Catherine+! Thanks for sharing!